Sonic Origins Remasters Four Classic Games For Modern Consoles and PC

The tiered content system is speedily confusing the fans it’s supposedly made for

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Sonic Origins Remasters Four Classic Games For Modern Consoles and PC

Just in time to celebrate the Blue Blur’s 31st birthday—that’s a big one, right?—Sega has announced Sonic Origins, a remastered collection of Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD.

While this is far from the first time Sega is re-releasing classic Sonic games, the Sonic Origins is far from your standard port. The games boast updated graphics, new achievements, collectibles, animated shorts, and game modes. The newness should provide a bit more pep into your proverbial Genesis-sized step.

As Sonic, Knuckles or Tails, players can tackle these adventures in either classic mode—same aspect ratio, same Sonic—or anniversary mode, with full screen pixel glory and unlimited lives.

The game comes out on June 23 for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC, and you can pre-order it here—that is, if you can decipher this graphic.

Yep, yet again Sega has made understanding what content you get with what “version” far more complicated than it has to be. Pre-ordering the standard version only nets you the base games and the Start Dash Pack, a bonus all pre-orders get which includes 100 bonus coins (some sort of in-game currency for music and the like), mirror mode, and a letterbox background. The Start Dash Pack is currently the only way to obtain mirror mode.

There’s also the Digital Deluxe edition, which includes the game, hard missions, character animation in the main menu, camera control over the main menu islands, character animations during music islands, and additional music from MegaDrive/Genesis titles. A pre-order would also get the Start Dash pack.

But, lest this be too confusing, at some point in the future you can purchase the Premium Fun pack and Classic Music pack, which basically provides everything the Digital Deluxe edition and Start Dash pack do but for an extra cost down the line.

People have already taken to Twitter to complain about the confusing content tiers and simplify the cash-grab to help others understand. Leave it to Sega to complicate something that should be simple.

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