Star Wars: Squadrons Will Add Two Starfighters, New Content in Dual Updates

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Star Wars: Squadrons Will Add Two Starfighters, New Content in Dual Updates

EA announced in a blog on Wednesday that Star Wars: Squadrons will be receiving two updates that will bring a new map, components and ships to the game.

The first update is set to release within November, and will feature a new Fostar Haven map. This multiplayer map is featured in the prologue of the game’s story, and will be available in Fleet Battles and Dogfight mode.

Four new components will also be added to the game. Fighters and bombers can make use of a Boost Extension Kit to get a full boost in between charges. These two ships will also have the option of using Prototype Piercing Torpedoes which do less damage than other torpedoes but can bypass capital ship and flagship shields.

Interceptors and fighters will be able to equip Ion Rockets that move at half-speed, but can be used at the same time as other components. The U-wing and TIE reaper aren’t being left out. These support ships will have the option of using anti-material rocket turrets. These turrets do not target enemy starfighters, but can be used against flagship subsystems, capital ships and deployables.

The planned December update’s main addition will be the B-wing and TIE defender starfighers. The B-wing is being added to the game as a bomber-class starfighter for the New Republic, and the Tie defender will be a fighter for the Imperial navy.

Custom matches will also be added in December, allowing players to create matches with up to 10 players. These matches will support all seven current maps in both Dogfight and Fleet Battle modes.

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