Every Problem with Stranger Things 2‘s Arcade Scenes

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Every Problem with Stranger Things 2‘s Arcade Scenes

Are people still talking about Stranger Things 2 or has its pop culture moment already passed? I mean, it’s a Netflix show that came out all of 12 days ago, so you’d be excused for thinking every possible topic has already been exhausted by now. 12 whole days!

There’s still lots to mull over, though. For instance: what it got wrong about the arcade scene in late 1984. Over at GeekDad occasional Paste contributor Preston Burt catalogues five problems with the show’s arcade, from anachronistic technology, to games that simply did not exist in our real world, either then or today. And Burt knows his stuff: a long-time arcade collector and co-founder of Atlanta’s Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, he followed up his formative days dropping quarters in arcades in the ‘80s with years of research into the history and preservation of these machines. The Stranger Things production team even approached him about using some of the arcade games from his home gameroom for the arcade they built for season two.

So whether you lived through the golden age of the arcade in the 1980s and want to embrace that nostalgia once again, or are too young to have been there and just want to know how accurate Stranger Things was with its recreation, go check out Burt’s piece at GeekDad.

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