Watch Us Die Our Way Through a Half Hour of The Surge

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Watch Us Die Our Way Through a Half Hour of The Surge

Hi! I’m Garrett Martin. I edit Paste‘s games section, and I’m not always very good at videogames. Case in point: The Surge, Deck13 Interactive’s sci-fi homage to the Dark Souls series that came out earlier this week. I haven’t played the retail version of the game yet, but earlier this year I spent a half hour failing to make any progress in it whatsoever during a press event. The whole thing was captured on video, and although i could’ve taken that footage and edited it in a way to cover up my deficiencies, I’m not that insincere or insecure. Here at Paste the truth is our little buddy, and it’d be a more honest and accurate reflection of The Surge and its fundamental indulgence in difficulty to share the footage unaltered. So here it is, a solid half hour of one man struggling his way through a game for the very first time. If you hear any grunts, moans or cuss words beneath the game audio you can be pretty much sure that it’s me.

The Surge is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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