Best of What’s Next 2009: Tim Schafer (Double Fine) [Game Developer]

Games Features Tim Schafer

Hometown: San Francisco
Games: Brütal Legend, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts
For Fans of: Mötorhead, Erik Wolpaw, Evil Dead 2

The dementedly brilliant Tim Schafer is one of the few designers working in the games industry today who possesses a masterful grasp of technology, gameplay and writing—a trifecta clearly evident in the hilarious dialogue and bizarrely comedic environs of his game Psychonauts. Double Fine Productions—the studio he founded in July 2000, after leaving LucasArts—has demonstrated a penchant for risk, developing truly original titles steeped in Schafer’s blend of tongue-in-cheek humor, character-driven storytelling and innovative gameplay.

What’s Next?: “Could be one of many things,” Schafer says. “Or many of many things. We have more ideas inside the  Brütal universe that I’d love to pursue, but also some new game ideas. Maybe some small game ideas. So I guess one— or more than one—big or small things might happen. Lots of possibilities! Or, I might just go on vacation.”

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