Dontnod’s Vampire RPG Vampyr Arrives in June

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Dontnod’s Vampire RPG Vampyr Arrives in June

Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr, their follow-up to the critical darling Life is Strange, garnered a lot of attention when it was announced in 2016 and left fans disappointed when it missed its late-2017 release window. Those ravenous for the forthcoming title no longer have to wonder when they’ll get their hands on the vampire RPG, though, as the developer announced that Vampyr will be released on June 5.

The game was originally delayed to spring 2018 last September, but the extended waiting period only made players more curious about what the drastic new direction for Dontnod would bear. Vampyr is a macabre action RPG with mechanics and storytelling elements built around vampiric powers and how much players choose to indulge in them.

The game is set in 1918 London, against the backdrop of a Spanish Flu outbreak. Players take control of a doctor—and newly turned vampire—who must choose whether to feed on his patients and innocent citizens alike, or to treat them and help rid London of the epidemic. The game caters to many types of gameplay. Players can even finish the game without devouring a single person.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait to much longer to indulge in the game’s emergent world and intriguing mechanics. The choice to save or doom London is on our doorstep.

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