Watch a Live-Action Version of Super Smash Bros.

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Watch a Live-Action Version of Super Smash Bros.

If you’ve played the new Super Smash Bros. you know two characters that really deserve some credit are Little Mac and Ness. You have to feel bad for Mac. All he can really do is punch people in the face. Granted, he throws a pretty hard jab and causes plenty of damage but you can’t really call his moves inspired. Then there’s Ness, an obscure character no one saw coming in the Nintendo 64 original. His moves are largely borrowed from Paula, an ally from the original 1994 role-playing EarthBound. Still, that baseball bat packs a wallop.

In a tribute to the two characters, YouTuber Tim Wang has created a live-action duel between Little Mac and a darker version of Ness. Wang describes his Dark Ness as an evil take on the character intent on destroying all other videogame characters, beginning with the Punch-Out! star.

The video is an impressive feat for both people involved. The music and sound effects fit the comic relief of the inspired choreography wonderfully. As a bonus, Mac’s pink hoodie and matching pants has the word ‘pink’ on the leggings. Who knew he was a fan of women’s tracksuits? Now we just need to get that outfit option included in the actual game, maybe with ‘juicy’ scribbled on the backside.

Check out the fan-made live-action video above!

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