A Weird Al Pinball Machine Exists, All’s Right with the World

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A Weird Al Pinball Machine Exists, All’s Right with the World

Sometimes you reach a level of fame that’s so high that the only next step is to slap your likeness on a pinball machine and call it a day. Not for iconic parody musician (and accordion connoisseur) Weird Al Yankovic though—his recently announced pinball machine goes above and beyond, much like the artist himself.

Titled “Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity,” the upcoming pinball machine from Multimorphic Inc is chock full of silly references to Yankovic’s historic 45 year long career. The machine itself even includes speakers to blast 17 classic songs, so one can jam out to “My Bologna” while pinning some balls.

The machine itself is rather modern, utilizing LCD screens and intricate triggers to make for pinball with maximum absurdity. The museum theme provides a nice backdrop for the chaos, and the LCD screen changes location and animations depending on the triggers activated. At one point, bumpers rise in the middle to create a brick-breaker type experience.

For anyone dying to get their hands on this wacky machine, pre-orders for either the Standard Edition or the opulent Limited Edition (only 227 available) open on Feb 28 at 9pm CST.

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