Xbox Series X: Watch Trailers and Game Footage for the Next Xbox

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Xbox Series X: Watch Trailers and Game Footage for the Next Xbox

As part of its year-long Xbox 20/20 series of events, Microsoft released a new installment of Inside Xbox this morning. The focus was on the Xbox Series X, the new console scheduled to come out late this year, and some of the games that’ll be optimized for it. If you want to read more about those games, we wrote about ‘em over here. If you want to see them in action—and also get an impression of what’s so special about the Xbox Series X and this newfangled ray tracing stuff you’ve heard about—you should check out the video below. It’s almost a solid hour of info on what you can expect from the new box and its first wave of games, with many of their developers talking about the new hardware. With all the events that game news is typically broken at cancelled or postponed indefinitely, direct-to-consumer videos like this are the new standard within the industry, and anybody interested in the future of videogames will probably find something interesting in this video. Watch it below, and keep an eye on Paste Games for more news about all of this videogame stuff.

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