Watch the Xbox Games Showcase to See Halo Infinite and More

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Watch the Xbox Games Showcase to See Halo Infinite and More

Another one of them dang Xboxes comes out in a few months, and we’re about to learn what you’ll be able to play on it. Microsoft is streaming its Xbox Games Showcase today, revealing some of the games that’ll be playable on the upcoming Xbox Series X console, and you can watch it right here. The stream starts at noon ET on July 23, but will live forever in the bottomless servers of YouTube.

Will we see a new Halo? More Minecraft? The latest, greatest Gears of War? Maybe a return of Viva Pinata? The legitimately shocking rebirth of Too Human? Okay, we can definitely scratch that last one off the list, but Halo Infinite should definitely be on display.

These video streams and virtual press conferences have basically taken over the games industry over the last few years, with the pandemic throwing gas on the fire. In a normal year this kind of event would’ve happened at E3 in June, in a building full of press, streamers and bloggers that were essentially being used to cheer wildly at every little thing said on stage. Now, though, there’s no audience, no cheering, no live on-stage demos destined to go wrong; there’s just the show and every individual viewer at home. Hope you dig it.

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