Investigation Into Sony Hack Reveals Hilariously Simple Passwords Involved in Security Breach, Including “12345”

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New information about how hackers were able to steal so much of Sony’s company information back in 2014 has surfaced, further enforcing that the hack is a gift that just keeps on giving.

In our digital day and age, and with the constant threat of identity theft and hackers, most companies force their employees to generate intricate passwords involving a slew of letters, numbers and symbols to make cracking open your account—and private data—a lot more difficult.

So we’re clear, Sony is apparently not one of those companies. It’s been revealed that the major cyber attack against the studio, which took place back in late 2014, was in part a result of poor password generation. In an effort to piece together how their security walls had been breached and their company’s data spilled (including that famous string of uncomfortable emails from former Sony President Amy Pascal), the company brought in a security firm to identify and amend its digital issues.

What that company found was that Sony’s servers and networks were being protected by the likes of the always reliable “password” password our parents still use because they think it’s clever. That wasn’t the only surprising password they uncovered. Others included “12345” and “ABCDE,” and that’s if there was password protection at all.

It’s hard to say why Sony wouldn’t work to ensure that it could actually safeguard its content against a new generation of content thieves and digital “outers,” but it’s safe to assume they have since stepped up their password game. Perhaps “23456”?

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