Dave Bautista Is Forced to Babysit in the Surprisingly Amusing Trailer for My Spy

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Dave Bautista Is Forced to Babysit in the Surprisingly Amusing Trailer for <i>My Spy</i>

Making a “fish out of water” family movie is like a right of passage for Hollywood action stars. Dwayne Johnson, as you’ll recall, had The Tooth Fairy. Vin Diesel had The Pacifier. Hell, even Arnold Schwarzenegger had Kindergarten Cop. And now, Dave Bautista has My Spy. He’ll be the latest to take on the surely impossible role of “But how will this large, muscle-bound man manage to care for children?”

The timing of this trailer release is certainly interesting, given that Bautista is a couple days away from making his WWE in-ring return at Wrestlemania, where “Batista” will try to end the career of Triple H. The tone of My Spy could hardly be further away: Bautista plays an intelligence operative who is demoted and given some kind of embarrassing job, wherein he’s blackmailed by a little girl (Chloe Coleman) who wants to learn how to be a spy. Smash cut to: Little girl spy training.

In all honesty, with that kind of premise, we were expecting the trailer for My Spy to be a painful watch, but it’s really not. Coleman seems to have a real knack for comedy chops—just look at the bit with Bautista explaining lie detectors to her. And there are some solid supporting players here as well, especially in the form of the always excellent Kristen Schaal. At the same time, we already know from Guardians of the Galaxy that Bautista possesses natural comedic timing as well. Could My Spy actually be … funny? We’d be lying if we said that Shrek line at the end didn’t put a smile on our faces.

My Spy doesn’t seem to have a release date just yet, but presumably it will be in late 2019. Check out the full trailer below.