Eighth Grade to Receive Free, No-Rating-Enforced Screenings This Week

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<I>Eighth Grade</i> to Receive Free, No-Rating-Enforced Screenings This Week

Written and directed by Bo Burnham, whom you might know from his old YouTube videos or his stand-up special what. (also available on YouTube), Eighth Grade gives viewers a genuine look into what it’s like to be Kayla, a modern-day middle school girl, with all the uncomfortable, cringe-y moments that brings. For teen and adult viewers, it’s a chance to look back and see how much better life really did get, but because of its R rating (for language and some sexual material), it’s significantly more difficult for actual middle schoolers who could benefit from the film’s familiarity to see it—which, as Burnham pointed out on Twitter, is sort of stupid. However, this Wednesday (Aug. 8) all across the U.S., the movie will be screened for free at select theaters, and better yet, with no rating enforcement. There is one of these screenings taking place in every state without exclusion (find Alaska happily situated at the top of the locations list) and each at a time reasonable for eighth graders, with most starting around 7 p.m.

You can find more information about theater locations and how to get a ticket here.

Watch the announcement below and the trailer for Eighth Grade further down. You can read our review of the film right here.