Rebecca Hall Bristles with Paranoia in First Trailer for IFC’s Resurrection

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Rebecca Hall Bristles with Paranoia in First Trailer for IFC’s Resurrection

If there’s one actress in Hollywood who has made a living from portraying women on the edge, characters unraveling and ready to step off a ledge and face oblivion, then it has to be Rebecca Hall. The talented English actress has had such turns in films such as Christine, and also in the horror world in movies like Shudder’s The Night House. Now she appears to be ready to do it again, given the first trailer below for the psychologically frazzled-looking Resurrection.

Resurrection is written and directed by Andrew Semans, and received strong reviews when it debuted at Sundance, where it was acquired by IFC Films and Shudder for a fall release. According to Deadline:

In Resurrection, Margaret (Hall) leads a successful and orderly life, perfectly balancing the demands of her busy career and single parenthood to her fiercely independent daughter Abbie. Everything is under control. But that careful balance is upended when an unwelcome shadow from her past, David (Tim Roth) returns, carrying with him the horrors of Margaret’s past. Battling her rising fear, Margaret must confront the monster she’s evaded for two decades who has come to conclude their unfinished business.

Looking at the trailer below, this looks like an anxiety inducing, blood pressure-raising acting powerhouse between Hall and Roth, relishing their scenes together. There’s an almost Polanski-esque feel to the whole affair, and it seems safe to say that Resurrection will be going down some very dark paths indeed. IFC Films will be releasing the film in theaters and VOD on Aug. 5, 2022, with a streaming release on Shudder presumably following shortly thereafter.

Check out the first Resurrection trailer below.

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