IT Is Now the Highest-Grossing Horror Movie of All Time

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<i>IT</i> Is Now the Highest-Grossing Horror Movie of All Time

Going by the domestic box office numbers, IT is now the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. Passing The Exorcist’s Stateside total just this week, the Stephen King adaptation is still number two in terms of international gross, though it should pass The Exorcist in that arena eventually, as well.

Per Variety:

It’s still a stunning result for the King adaptation, and a reason to celebrate at Warner Bros. and New Line, the studios responsible for bringing Pennywise to the big screen. “It” has earned $236.3 million stateside. In contrast, “The Exorcist” has grossed $232.9 million domestically. In addition to terrorizing ’70s theatergoers, “The Exorcist” got two director’s cut re-releases.

It’s worth noting that, according to Box Office Mojo, the third highest-grossing R-rated horror movie is another film from this year, Get Out. Much like Get Out, director Andy Muschietti’s low budget on IT ($35 million) made it incredibly profitable. It should be no surprise that a sequel is already planned (thought it doesn’t seem to have the official green light yet).

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