Juliette Lewis and Ma on The Work Podcast

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Juliette Lewis and <i>Ma</i> on <i>The Work Podcast</i>

Juliette Lewis pays a bit of tribute to her late father and talks about her role in the new suspense film Ma opposite Octavia Spencer. About her father’s influence, she says: “Both my parents—all I want to do is honor them. They were so nurturing of my creative self, my creative fire. I’m this sort of rejection-of-authoritarian, any kind of an authority or kind of instruction. I’m the rebellion against that. It’s just very much from both. And I didn’t really have to rebel against them. I lacked the kind of formal structure and oppression that some people talk about from parenting. But on a really wonderful side, he had such a lovely sense of humor. He invited me on set. So my dad was never, like, filled with advice. It was just sort of showing you the path that you could take if you were creative-minded or a storyteller. And for that I’m indebted because I got to be on the most interesting, carnival-like sets. Every time I work with different character actors or just consummate actors, I see my father’s lineage.” Ma is out now on Blu-ray.

Also, producer/director Esther Turan talks about her new films Swoon and BP Underground, as well as her life and career and her move from Hungary to LA.