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From time to time, your friends at Paste scour Kickstarter to find projects worthy of your support and love. Support independent art today by becoming a backer, and spread the word, why dontcha?

Today’s favorite is a project called Rich Hill, and it’s got quite a pedigree. It’s a documentary that is growing int he shadow of the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri, one of the most prestigious (and most enjoyable) doc fests in the world. And the team’s got some heavy-duty young talent. Co-director Andrew Droz Palermo was recently named one of the “”25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine. His co-director and cousin Tracy Droz Tragos won an Emmy for her doc Be Good, Smile Pretty.

Sometimes even talented and accomplished people push half-baked ideas to market. Suffice to say, that’s far from the case here. The project has already received MacArthur and Sundance grants, and Palermo and Tragos took it to both the Film Independent Documentary Lab and the Sundance Documentaries Edit and Story Lab. Basically, if you’d like to support their project, you’ll be in wonderful company.

There are several notable incentives to further encourage you to support the project. For the low price of $15, the filmmakers will send you a signed postcard from the very town of Rich Hill that the documentary depicts. Seventy bucks gets you, among other things, an original 8×10 frame from the film. And for only $10,000, you get a Co-Producer credit on a film that looks to have a bright future at festivals and award shows. You too can be a Hollywood(ish) big shot!

Enough. If all that doesn’t convince you, what will? Support Rich Hill here.

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