The First Teaser for Peter Jackson's Mortal Engines Is Here, And It's Big

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Peter Jackson’s last film franchise was The Hobbit, but he’s not letting that slow him down when it comes to diving into gigantic new film worlds.

And the key word there really is “gigantic,” as the trailer for Mortal Engines will show you. The film follows Robert Sheehan and Hera Hilmar as they navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape, dominated by the entire city of London transformed into a huge, Mad Max-esque vehicle.

You can watch the trailer to see a smaller vehicle get swallowed up into the guts of London’s machinery. Rounding out the cast is musician Jihae and The Lord of the Rings’ Hugo Weaving.

Mortal Engines is the first in a series of four novels by Philip Reeve. After the apparent demise of the Dark Universe, Universal appears to be back in the market for huge extended universes, as they’re hoping this film will kick off an “epic new saga.”

Mortal Engines is currently slated to come out in December of 2018. Watch the teaser above.