This Movie-Loving Instagrammer Locates and Recreates Classic Film Locations

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This Movie-Loving Instagrammer Locates and Recreates Classic Film Locations

We’re all a bunch of film geeks over at Paste, but we have to give credit where credit is due—sometimes a geek comes along whose devotion to this subject puts our own to shame. This is one of those times.

The geek in question: A guy named Phil Grishayev. For going on four years now, Grishayev has been conducting what he humbly refers to as “a little hobby” on his Instagram account, researching and traveling to the locations of various iconic and less-than-iconic films, where he recreates specific shots by inserting him into the same backgrounds as the characters. The photos are equal parts nerdy and fascinating, as viewers are able to see how locations from some of their favorite films appear in real life, or how they’ve changed over the course of decades.

Grishayev, whose Vimeo page describes him as a “VFX artist, animator, storyboarder, single man,” has certainly been dedicated to the concept since 2014, amassing almost 200 film locations all over the U.S. All kinds of films have gotten his particular brand of tribute, from Back to the Future and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to The Terminator and Rebel Without a Cause. Collected below are some of our favorites, but you can see all 196 by simply visiting the guy’s Instagram and poking around. The series is still going strong, so we look forward to seeing even more film locations in 2018. You can also check out Grishayev’s one-man sci-fi short film Awake on YouTube. It’s a little slice of Blade Runner-style delight that is more than worth your two minutes.

Back to the Future

Grishayev eschews some of the more famous locations and instead finds the place that Sam Baines (Lorraine’s father) is meant to run down Crispin Glover with his car.

“Stella! Another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car!” Film location from “Back to the Future” starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. photo by @iam.molly #filmlocation #backtothefuture #michaeljfox #christopherlloyd #delorean #80s  #bttf #leathompson #losangeles #movies #cinema #hollywood #pasadena #calvinklein

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Sleepless in Seattle

It’s good to know that the “Athenian Seafood” sign is still fully intact, some 25 years after Sleepless in Seattle.

Another location from “Sleepless in Seattle” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (buying fish outside of Athenian Seafood at Pike Place Market. Pic by @jeffcotephotography @tomhanks @megryan @pikeplacepublicmarket #movielocation #tomhanks #megryan #seattle #sleeplessinseattle #cinema #90s #cinephilecommunity

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Twin Peaks

The actual location of the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” sign. I mean come on, you can’t beat that. That’s a holy grail, right there.

“Diane, 11:30am February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks.” This was on my bucket list for quite some time. ???? Pic by @jeffcotephotography #twinpeaks #showtime #davidlynch #dalecooper #laurapalmer #90s #filmlocation #cinephilecommunity

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Raiders of the Lost Ark

Man, if I lived in San Francisco I would be on my way to this location right now, rather than sitting here typing this.

Film location from “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark” starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. #filmlocations #sanfrancisco #harrisonford #indianajones #karenallen #movies #cinema #80s #california #calvinklein

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The Graduate

Hard to do any better than the blocking on this one.

“Elaine! Elaine!” Church from #TheGraduate starring #DustinHoffman . Cinematography by #RobertSurtees . #la #mrsrobinson #mikenichols #filmedhere

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