I Love You, Man

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I Love You, Man

Awkward boy seeks bromance

I Love You, Man is centered on Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd), a real-estate agent who only really hangs out with his girlfriend and the ladies at his work. With a wedding quickly approaching, his girlfriend and her friends are practically begging him to find a best friend/man. Rudd drags through the first half of the movie showing how in touch he is with his feminine side, making a fool of himself at will, sometimes and sometimes not delivering laughs. Everyone from his mom to his hilarious gay brother Robbie (Andy Samberg) try to find Peter a friend, but to no avail. In his quest to find a pal, he gets kissed by a guy, throws up all over a friend’s husband (played by Jon Favreau), and has a man-date with an 89-year-old from FriendFinder.com. His awkward behavior comes to a screeching halt as cougar-seeking scooter-riding bachelor, Sydney Fife (Jason Segel), enters the picture at an open house for Lou Ferrigno (yes, that Lou Ferrigno). This is where the fun really starts, the pair bonding over fish tacos, beer and Rush jam sessions.

Release Date: March 20

Director: John Hamburg

Writers: John Hamburg, Larry Levin

Cinematographer: Lawrence Sher

Starring: Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Andy Samberg, J.K. Simmons, Jon Favreau, Jaime Pressly, Rashida Jones, Jane Curtin

Studio/Run Time: DreamWorks, 110 mins.

While Rudd goes a little bit over the top with his awkward, almost-naive behavior at the beginning (think Michael Scott from The Office, who appears to be a clear influence on the character), Segel and Rudd make for one dynamic duo. At times, one might assume there would be too much male bonding, but this film brings just the right amount of vulgar jokes, back-handed compliments, and sexual innuendo to the table.

An honorable mention goes to Robbie (Andy Samberg) and Oswald (J.K.Simmons) Klaven, whose relationship was amongst the best in the movie. Samberg in particular shined every time he entered a scene. The Saturday Night Live cast member has great comedic timing and uses it to its fullest as Rudd’s brother. “Straight guys are my specialty,” he says at one point. “I get bored pursuing gays, so I like to give myself a challenge.” Perfect man-date according to Robbie: casual, after-work drinks, no dinner, no movie.

I Love You, Man speeds along from an awkward bromance moment (broment? momance?) to an argument with the fiancee almost seamlessly, with characters that speak of urinal cakes and dog feces shamelessly. At times, some characters might seem underdeveloped (and the whining from Zooey’s friends and the fights between Denise and Barry get old), but in the end, Peter finds his BFF and Segel finds a scooter-riding buddy. Happily ever after indeed.

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