Watch Warren Beatty as Howard Hughes in Final Rules Don't Apply Trailer

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Warren Beatty hasn’t been in a movie since 2001. Apparently, he was waiting for something good to come along, and now it looks like it has. In the final trailer for Rules Don’t Apply, Beatty plays Howard Hughes in the later years of his life.

The film, which Beatty also directed, follows an aspiring actress (Lily Collins) who falls for a young businessman (Alden Ehrenreich) in Los Angeles in 1958. Ehrenreich’s character is also Hughes’ driver, and since both of them are employed by him, he forbids that they enter a relationship.

Beatty also wrote the script and produced the film, and he assembled a wide array of talent to star in the picture, including Annette Bening, Beatty’s actual wife. In addition to Bening, the film also stars Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Matthew Broderick, Oliver Platt and Ed Harris. The film will make its world premiere at AFI Fest on Nov. 10, which has been a platform for Oscar contenders like Selma and American Sniper in the past.

Rules Don’t Apply hits theaters on Nov. 23. Until then, check out the final trailer above.