Watch Will Ferrell Get Emasculated by Mark Wahlberg in Daddy's Home Trailer

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Nobody plays a sweater-wearing, domesticated “nice guy” dad with a secret insane side quite like Will Ferrell, and even if he has a tendency to be typecast, it’s always a pleasure to see him reprise the role. In Daddy’s Home, he plays a stepfather who is about to meet his two step-kids’ biological father. As it turns out, that man (played by Wahlberg) is a complete badass with a cool job and the ability to build incredible tree houses in a space of hours. This brings out tremendous insecurity in Ferrell’s otherwise vanilla character, and though there’s no telling how funny this movie will actually be, at least we get to see our funniest actor make his trademark ‘horrified’ face a few times.

Check out the trailer above.

Daddy’s Home, directed by Sean Anders and John Morries, comes out on Christmas Day. Previously, Ferrell and Wahlberg previously joined forces in 2010’s The Other Guys.

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