Hugh Jackman Announces Release Date and Title for Third and Final Wolverine Movie

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Hugh Jackman is getting ready to retire from his biggest role. The actor took to Twitter today to send out a picture of the first poster for the third Wolverine film, which will also be Jackman’s last appearance as the iconic character. Captioning the picture, Jackman only wrote “LOGAN,” which is apparently this third entry’s title. The poster also features the title, along with the film’s release date of March 3, 2017.

In the poster, Jackman's hand is being held by one that is much smaller than his, which gave Ryan Reynolds the perfect opportunity for a quick Deadpool joke.

This new film has been described as having a completely different tone than the previous Wolverine films. The imagery on the poster of Wolverine holding a child's hand supports the suggestion that the film will actually be something of a Western, a genre which frequently pairs grizzled old protectors with young companions.

After Jackman released his teaser, director James Mangold followed suit, tweeting out the poster and releasing the second page of the film's script. Read on if you dare.