Report: Wonder Woman 2 Set During the Cold War, Chris Pine to Return

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Report: Wonder Woman 2 Set During the Cold War, Chris Pine to Return

So we were already pretty sure the next Wonder Woman sequel would return the titular princess to America, but we all sort of assumed it’d be set in modern times. After all, every other DCEU movie is set in the present, and, by the way, one of the primary motifs for the series has been a goofy electric guitar line which felt at least slightly incongruous with Wonder Woman’s World War I backdrop. You know what era would be perfect for cheesy electric guitar riffs, though? The American 1980s, baby.

That’s right: According to production information obtained by ScreenRant’s Bothan spies, Wonder Woman 2 is expected to be set during the height of the Cold War. TheWrap also confirmed the film’s time period. No doubt the possible new setting is an intriguing one, and the thought of Diana Prince sneaking around snapping Soviet necks could be uniquely satisfying, given recent events.

ScreenRant also reports that Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor will somehow return—alongside, presumably, a digitally de-aged Jon Bon Jovi cameo. Far be it from us to presume how the crazy technology and powers of the comic book world works, but wouldn’t that make Trevor somewhere in his eighties? Best-case scenario, this film would still be set over 60 years after its predecessor, which begs the question: Will Chris Pine be super old, or will they deus ex machina his age somehow so he still looks like a sexy 30-year-old? If it’s the latter, why not just set it in modern times using the same excuse? … We digress.

Obviously, DC is doing everything they can to ensure the follow-up to their only true critical hit, doesn’t stray too far from what worked before. From re-hiring director Patty Jenkins to keeping the alternative-historical setting, to resurrecting Chris Pine’s baby blues from the grave, DC looks like it’s giving Wonder Woman 2 every conceivable chance of success. If that means bringing in Journey to play “Don’t Stop Believing” during the final boss battle, then so be it.

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