Amy Ray

Daytrotter Session - May 23, 2012

Amy Ray – Daytrotter Session – May 23, 2012
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  1. Little Revolution
  2. Glow
  3. Lung Of Love
  4. The Rock Is My Foundation

Little Revolution is a song from Indigo Girl Amy Ray’s latest solo effort and it’s a message that the nearly 30-year music veteran would like to send to the whippersnappers out there – the ones with the smart-alecky looks and the tender feet. She’s here to demand a little bit more respect than she’s been getting from them.

She senses that there’s a dismissive attitude coming from their corner and she’d like to shut it down before it gets too loud. She’s not going anywhere. She’s not going to write her last song anytime soon so everybody better just get used to seeing her with that guitar of hers and hearing that voice sing about sad and happy love, however it decides to land at her doorstep.

She sings, “All the kids say ho-hum/They think I’m growing old/But I’ve got a little secret/It makes me feel so bold/There’s a little Joe Strummer in my DNA/And a little Lynee Breedlove to take me a long way.” And make no mistake about it, love has most definitely flown like a dumb bird into her clean and clear window more times than she’s been willing to count, falling deader than a doornail to the ground, executing one last twitch. And make no mistake that love has flown right through her open windows and landed right on the perch that she’d set out, with her fingers crossed.

There’s always been a lot to choose from and she’s still into it up to her knees, so she feels that there’s no reason to stop doing any of it. She’d rather write and play than have a pile of carcasses pile up. The kids can just shove off.