Baths Announce New Album Romaplasm, Share Buoyant Lead Single “Yeoman”

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Baths Announce New Album Romaplasm, Share Buoyant Lead Single “Yeoman”

Baths, the indie-pop moniker of recording artist Will Wiesenfeld, has announced his first full-length album since 2013’s Obsidian.

Like most of Baths’ music, his LP3, titled Romaplasm, will seek to reflect a specific emotional atmosphere from Wiesenfeld’s personal experience. Obsidian was a darker album, made while Wiesenfeld recovered from an illness—but Romaplasm looks to encapsulate Wiesenfeld’s “at-home obsessions.” He said in a press release:

“I’m not as emotive with real world things as I am when I’m neck deep in anime, video games, books or comics … I wanted to be honest with myself that this is where my heart lies and where I get the most emotion out of life. I wanted a record that mirrors those emotions but in an indirect way.”

Wiesenfeld started to produce music under the name Baths in 2009, releasing his first album, Cerulean, in 2010. Obsidian followed, and producer Morgan Greenwood toured with Wiesenfeld for that album, essentially becoming a part of Baths for the third album, the forthcoming Romaplasm. Baths’ music is intensely personal, but it also “toys with name and identity,” so Greenwood’s addition seems to fit perfectly.

Alongside the announcement, Wiesenfeld released a buoyant single titled “Yeoman,” and it’s a very good indication of his brand of Romantic electronic pop. It certainly points to a happier overall mood than Obsidian did, or at least a mood that tries to be happy while “gliding in the dark on an endless sea.”

Romaplasm is due out Nov. 17. You can preorder it here, watch the lyric video for “Yeoman” and listen to a Baths session from the Paste Cloud below, and check out the album’s art and full tracklist beneath that.

Romaplasm Album Art:

Romaplasm Tracklist:
01. Yeoman
02. Extrasolar
03. Abscond
04. Human Bog
05. Adam Copies
06. Lev
07. I Form
08. Out
09. Superstructure
10. Wilt
11. Coitus
12. Broadback

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