Big Syn

Daytrotter Session - Mar 5, 2018

Big Syn – Daytrotter Session – Mar 5, 2018
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Nice To Know Your Face
  3. Subscriptions
  4. There Their They’re
  5. It All Means Nothing Anyway

Big Syn is weird. But it’s great. Their off-kilter art-pop is a streamlined collage of sound and experiment. At times it sounds tropical, other times really scary. Sometimes it sounds like rock music, other times the soundtrack to a speculative sci-fi novel about actual synthesizers taking over the world. Once you latch on to one of these shifting sounds, you’re pulled into their dark carnival until you can find some hidden door to get out. The band employs a wide range of playing styles. The drums sound jazz-inspired while the guitar moves between rock conventions and ambient sounds, not to mention the synths at the center of the sound. All these different musical worlds blend seamlessly in Big Syn’s music. There are some seriously deep groves in this session. The organic drum sound fronted with synthesizers is perfect for this band. The groves, plus their experiments with electronic and analog sources of sound heavily remind me of King of Limbs by Radiohead. The similarities aren’t just in sounding alike, either, but in the spirit and energy. On top of all that is this idea that the voice can become an instrument, devoid of its language, an idea which is present in KoL as well as Big Syn. Tara is a unique and powerful vocalist. I can’t imagine any other style on top of this instrumentation. The voice moves between lucid singing and mottled vocalizations. The voice really does become its own instrument. Amongst the doom and mysteries are some seriously human moments. It’s this straightforwardness that extends its power when the band distorts and destroys its own conventions.

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