Exclusive: Watch Brian Bonz’s Futuristic New Video for “The Telegenic Split”

Music Video Brian Bonz
Exclusive: Watch Brian Bonz’s Futuristic New Video for “The Telegenic Split”

Nowadays, the future looks dark. Even though the ever-worsening problems outside our homes aren’t distinct from matters in our private lives, we’re often still forced to divide our attention between them. Is there a way to fight sinister sociopolitical realities but still focus on nurturing our families and friendships?

In Brian Bonz’s vision of 2026 and 2030, yes, there is. In the new video for his song “The Telegenic Split,” the Brooklyn-based indie electronic musician paints these future worlds with a simultaneously grim, yet optimistic brush. Drone-like aircrafts fill the sky, people don spacesuits to walk outside, and digital products are embedded into human arms.

That’s all pretty bleak, but in contrast, the house of Bonz’s character holds domestic bliss. Bonz has a cheerful partner and a small, bubbly child, played by his actual family, and they all appear content. The moment he leaves, however, he’s forced to battle the drones and a foreboding figure in a shiny copper suit. (This fight allows for some fun, lo-fi special effects. Bonz explained in a statement that he wanted to “pay homage to the old Sci-Fi movies using a mix of both digital and real prop effects.”)

The ending is ambiguous; the action resolves and Bonz and his child giggle happily, but then the shot cuts to the boy’s crayon drawing. It’s no innocuous dog, flower, or other average youthful subject—it’s a monochromatic drone. Yikes.

Brian Bonz & The Major Crimes have also announced an upcoming show at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, N.Y., set for Sunday, Dec. 18. The show will feature support from Les Vinyl, Per & Party of 6, Frozen Falls, Cosmic Harvey & Celestial Mind, and Swivs, plus appearances from Tina Tassels, Bobotouch and more. Find full show details here.

“The Telegenic Split” appears on Bonz’s 2015 album Misophonia. Watch the video above, and tune in live around 4:30 p.m. EST to watch him perform in the Paste Studio (!) on our Facebook page here. Below, listen to Paste Cloud audio of Bonz playing “Dee The Dinosaur” with his band Brian Bonz and the Dot Hongs in 2010.

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