Buster Blue

Daytrotter Session - Apr 10, 2013

Buster Blue – Daytrotter Session – Apr 10, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. What If’s And Why’s
  3. On Your Way
  4. When The Crows Come Round
  5. Moonlighting

What’s in a good sigh – one of the deep, deep ones that the band Buster Blue sings about?
It’s a lot of elements. It’s a skinned night.
It’s the thought that we aren’t going to be able to sleep well again tonight.
The crows will be waiting in the morning.
The booze still won’t have worn off.
The kids will be whining and crying.
The adults will be acting like kids.
The hours will feel just as long as they’ve been feeling.
There is the pang of the stomach to think about.
There’s desire in there somewhere.
Within those deep, deep sighs, there’s intent and there’s forfeiture.
For pennies on the dollar we can find the forfeiture.
The pure gold is the intent.
It’s getting those soul stirrings bad.
It’s when another’s touch changes everything and perhaps that’s what’s thought of during those times.
It’s closed eyes and the hope to hang onto those wisps of sensation – the ones that are held at a premium.
It’s knowing that this is what we have – no more and no less.
We sigh, with the help of Buster Blue, in the face of all the uncertainty that is so certain.

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