Cisco Adler

Daytrotter Session - Feb 26, 2013

Cisco Adler – Daytrotter Session – Feb 26, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Boom Boom Boom
  3. You’re A Fool
  4. Medicine
  5. Classic

The kind of happiness that Cisco Adler weaves his songs around is the kind that comes so damned easily. Even though life’s been very good to the musician from Los Angeles, California – the son of the music industry legend Lou Adler, the happiness that he tries to get at, to nab for himself, is not dependent on money. It comes to a person when the sun is shining right and when he’s got the audience of a pretty girl. He writes about a life that revolves around California sunshine, weed and babes, almost exclusively and when all three are present in generous helpings, there’s enough happiness to rid the world of the blues, or so it seems. The happiness that Adler finds himself getting wrapped up in is contagious. It feels mostly dreamlike, for even if it doesn’t cost money, it can’t just be had ALL the time. People have to do plenty of things that diminish their returns. Most days are not stacked in favor of us pulling off momentously cheerful and overwhelmingly spectacular days filled with confetti cannons exploding and group hugs, or group orgies, whichever one prefers to top off the best day of their lives. Adler’s preference seems to vacillate between the two – with many such moments split between wholesome, gentlemanly courting and seductive horniness. With one flashback bit of lyric, he relishes those younger school days when he and his buddies were just hanging out after school, when “we got good girls to do bad, bad things.” He sings about how great it is to be sitting under a tree, on a perfect afternoon, playing his guitar for a beautiful girl, having her sing but not hearing a word of it, explaining, “I can’t hear you girl/I’ve got so much weed in my ears and shit.” It seems that such comments would undermine the sincerity of his sentiments, but they really do feel like they would get a pass from all the babes, just for being honest, for being uttered under that yellow sun, with the top rolled down and absolutely nothing better to do than this. It’s some kind of nirvana, for sure.