Delorean: Subiza

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Delorean: <em> Subiza </em>

Disappointing dance doldrums

The latest offering from Barcelona electro-sunshine quartet Delorean is certainly danceable—house piano, handclaps and a jungle of synths suggest the bliss of the late-night summer parties they could easily soundtrack—but the album’s homogeneous vocals are too often reminiscent of other acts—specifically, Animal Collective’s harmonic structure.

The mood and tempo don’t show much range either. By the time the glowstick-dance jam of third track “Grow” kicks in, the heavily layered synth that permeates Subiza, which at first seemed lush, begins to feel like the sticky, over-saturated air of the tropics after a downpour. The less-embellished “Simple Graces” offers some relief, but it fails to break the album’s well established mid-tempo, mid-range cadence. You could listen to virtually any club-ready dance number and glean everything that Delorean’s 42-minute exercise has to offer.