Four Tet Announces Sixteen Oceans, Follow-up to New Energy

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Four Tet Announces Sixteen Oceans, Follow-up to New Energy

London-based producer Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) announced Tuesday that his new album is completed. Sixteen Oceans was announced via Instagram in a post showcasing a sticky note with the album’s tracklist written out, followed by “new album released March 2020.” One comment asks “Where R U gonna take us this time Kieran?” Sixteen Oceans is set to be Four Tet’s landmark tenth album, his fourth release under his own Text Records.

The new album is done

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Four Tet’s last full-length release was 2017’s New Energy, but the producer has been quite busy since then. Among his works just last year were singles “Teenage Birdsong,” “Dreamer” and “Only Human,” three-track release “Anna Painting,” and a live album from the Alexandra Palace London. He also released an excellent duo of songs underneath his wingdings-titled alias.

Hebden’s music is noted for its heavy use of enigma, so we’re eager to see how he further pushes the Four Tet sound into new, elegant directions. Take a look at his tracklist below, as well as his set last year at The Lot Radio.

Sixteen Oceans Tracklist:
01. School
02. Baby
03. Harpsichord
04. Teenage Birdsong
05. Romantics
06. Love Salad
07. Insect Near Piha Beach
08. Hi Hello
09. ISTM
10. Something In the Sadness
11. 1993 Band Practice
12. Green
13. Bubbles at Overlook 25th March 2019
14. 4T Recordings
15. This Is For You
16. Mama Teaches Sanskrit

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