Frank Hannon

Daytrotter Session - Mar 19, 2018

Frank Hannon – Daytrotter Session – Mar 19, 2018
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Gypsy Highway
  4. The Price
  5. Sunrise In Texas
  6. Peace Of Mind

You probably know Frank Hannon as the guitarist of Tesla, an influential rock band that started in the 80’s. If you’ve never heard him as a solo artist before, you’re in for quite the treat. As a solo artist, Frank Hannon shows us his soulful and authentic singer/songwriter heart, which is full of stories about lost loves and time spent on the road. Frank’s music displays a deep love for the musical tradition he’s a part of. Not only do his songs rival the depth of his inspirations and contemporaries (like Willie Nelson and the Allman Brothers, who he mentions by name in one of his songs), but they pay homage to them as well. That’s what true folk music is all about: like country, like reggae, and like many other genres, there’s a conversation happening between all artists willing to enter the tradition, as well as something intangible being passed along through generations. In fact, Frank’s latest release is a cover album, which shows his appreciation for other musicians in the genre.The songs themselves have everything you want to hear from a country singer: blue skies, the woes of travelling, and plenty of major chords to push it all along. Two highlights of the session are his songs Gypsy Highway and The Price. They’re connected thematically, and lament different aspects of life on the road. Gypsy Highway focuses on the songwriter, the things they do, the things they see, and the songs they sing: “I play some music then I’m gone.” The Price is about the loved ones you leave behind when you’re on the road, calling that longing the biggest price you can pay. People just don’t write songs like Frank Hannon writes songs these days. So turn off your radio for the afternoon and tune into this session, and maybe even dive into the rest of his discography. It’s sure to give you some peace of mind.

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