Future of the Left

Daytrotter Session - Dec 13, 2012

Future of the Left – Daytrotter Session – Dec 13, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. The Real Meaning of Christmas
  3. Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman
  4. Failed Olympic Bid

You can sit around at night, watching the news broadcasts and all of that true crime broadcast journalism that is unavoidable if you’re got you television turned on, and without meaning to, you’re left with a lot of disgust. It’s often that you look over at whomever you’re sharing the couch with and ask something like, “What the fuck is WRONG with people?” the hostility reaching a point that’s hard to keep a lid on. You just think to yourself and then express in no uncertain terms that most people have lost it. They’ve gone mental.

Future of the Left lead singer, and former frontman for the revered late-90s/early 2000s Welsh band mclusky, Andy Falkous seems to feel the same way, digging into the rampant social degeneration that comes with delusion and over-sensitivity. More and more, we’re left shaking our heads at the coddling that people want and the disappointments that they have a bitch of a time dealing with, when they strike. It all leads to depression and a sorry state of affairs. Falkous wrote a record entitled, “The Plot Against Common Sense,” and on it, he barrels into his many thoughts about the deficiencies that he sees in everyone else, along with the smattering of them that he’s discovered taking up residence in his own body. It’s not the easiest thing to digest – this knowledge that you’re no saint or brainiac yourself, when considering how quick you are to judge others. We’re all guilty of feeling this way. We take our stances, so sure that we would never have done what that person did, had we been put into the same position as he or she was put in. We’re all full of shit and it’s in knowing this that it makes us lose it some. Falkous, drummer Jack Egglestone, guitarist Jimmy Watkins and bassist Julia Ruzicka make blistering and off-center documents of the ways that we go around pretending that we’re so many things that we’re not, making all of our problems and our pleasures sound like one glorious circle jerk. We’re all quite guilty and yet, why should we change a thing?

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