6 Strange and Wonderful Crowdfunding Rewards

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6 Strange and Wonderful Crowdfunding Rewards

Making an album is expensive. Like, tens of thousands of dollars expensive. So, it’s understandable that musicians reach out to their fan base for some help financially through fundraising campaigns like Kickstarter and PledgeMusic. Of course, in return, fans can receive some pretty nifty gifts in return for a donation. (Although, isn’t music already the greatest gift you can get?) We’re not talking about the simple signed record or handwritten lyrics. We’re talking experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Check out these six rewards from artists raising funds for their craft.

1. Brick + Mortar
Maybe you’ve gone on four dates or 40, but now you’re in a sticky situation. You want out. Rock duo Brick Mortar has you covered. Guitarist and bassist Brandon Asraf will break up with your significant other for you for a mere $100. We can only hope that he has some sort of expertise in this area and that your soon-to-be-ex doesn’t have a strong sentimental connection to New Jersey punk. That way, Brick Mortar’s first full-length album released through its PledgeMusic campaign won’t be tainted by this tragic memory.

2. Matt McAndrew
Who says you can’t buy love? Well, the Beatles did, but Matt McAndrew is offering a dear gift for $100—a heart-shaped necklace with his photo nestled inside. Now, he’ll always be close to your heart, and you basically have his eternal love. This pop-rock star from season seven of The Voice is funding his EP through a PledgeMusic campaign, one locket at a time.

3. So So Glos
This may be one of the more expensive haircuts you’ll get in your lifetime, but it’s from So So Glos’ drummer Zach Staggers, so it could be worth it. For $100, you can get whatever cut you want. The description on the punk band’s PledgeMusic page does not specify Stagger’s qualifications so donate at your hair’s own risk. The band already released its fifth album KAMIKAZE on May 20, but the Brooklyn four-piece’s campaign is still live.

4. Alistair Griffin
Can’t get enough of the 2011 literary masterpiece, 50 Shades of Grey? Singer Alistair Griffin can’t either apparently. For £100, or approximately $145, Griffin will read a passage of your choice over the phone. A sultry reward for sure, from this British singer-songwriter who is trying to finance his third album via PledgeMusic.

5. Girls Guns and Glory
Rise and shine, because singer and guitarist Ward Hayden of Girls Guns and Glory will cook you and a friend the most important meal of the day for $200. According to the band’s PledgeMusic page, Hayden was a restaurant’s breakfast cook in Massachusetts before the band formed. And, that’s not all. He is still the record holder at that restaurant for most breakfast sandwiches made in one day. You’re in good hands with this passionate Americana band.

6. Lera Lynn
Some musicians are just too talented. Ok, so yeah, they can sing. But they can also paint? Come on, share the talent! Southern singer Lera Lynn will at least share a piece of artwork in exchange for $1,000 via her PledgeMusic campaign. Not to mention, the Nashville artists launched her own record label, Resistor Music, and its first release is her album, Resistor. She warns that she’s no Picasso, though.

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