Watch Ghostface Killah Call Out Martin “Michael Jackson Nose” Shkreli

Music Video Ghostface Killah
Watch Ghostface Killah Call Out Martin “Michael Jackson Nose” Shkreli

We don’t exactly feature TMZ on a regular basis, but this little music nugget was too good to pass up.

The subject here: Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah on Martin Shkreli, the infamous Pharma-Bro who bought the only copy of the group’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for $2 million. He basically became the face of corporate greed after jacking up the price of an AIDS drug by 5000%, and this only made him more detestable. The world collectively rejoiced when he was arrested on securities fraud charges last month, and he’s got an upcoming Congressional hearing about the AIDS drug issue. Things are not going so well for Martin Shkreli anymore.

But this video might be the most devastating takedown that Shkreli will ever endure. All Ghostface has to do is show us a picture of the asshole’s face for 30 seconds straight and mercilessly mock him the whole time. “Michael Jackson Nose Kid” and “Pee Wee Herman,” Ghostface labels his enemy. That’s the thing about appearance insults—you can’t say they’re false, and the only comeback is to get righteous and hate on the name-caller for being superficial and petty. But no one’s coming to Shkreli’s defense.

Personally, our favorite part of the video is when Ghostface gets a call right at the beginning that takes Shkreli’s face off the screen, but instead of answering he simply ignores it so he can continue on insulting the guy.

Ghostface also throws in some sort of vague threat: “I’ll break your heart in four days.” Hopefully it means that Wu-Tang will release Once Upon A Time In Shaolin to the public and totally destroy the value of Shkreli’s copy, the last thing he has going for him.

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