Video Premiere: Rachel Grimes - "The Air of Place"

Music Video Grimes
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Rachel Grimes, best-known for her work within the Louisville chamber trio Rachel’s, has come to represent a modern marriage between underground rock and neoclassical in the contemporary music landscape. The Kentucky-based artist’s new solo album, The Clearing, which comes out this week on Temporary Residence Ltd., is fueled by a cinematic and deeply personal exploration of memory, relationships and mystery.

And in honor of the quickly approaching album release date, Paste is premiering Grimes’s latest video for the song, “The Air of Place.” Artful and brief, the video captures a sense of symmetry that the sound of the instruments both slice and narrate. Black human silhouettes glide by as the day in an airport elapses until ultimately, there is nothing but colored sky and blackness.

Following the 2009 LP Book of Leaves, the 2011 DVD/EP Marion County 1938 and Compound Leaves EP in 2013, The Clearing features a wide spectrum of instruments and textures, including strings, harp, piano, woodwinds, and percussion. Grimes has released her supporting tour dates for June and July.

The Clearing tracklist:
01 “The Air”
02 “The Clearing”
03 “The Air Of Place”
04 “The Herald”
05 “The Air In Time”
06 “In The Vapor With The Air Underneath”
07 “Transverse Plane Vertical”
08 “Transverse Plane Horizontal”
09 “The Air, Her Heart”
10 “Further Foundation”
11 “The Air At Night”