Grizzly Bear Reunite to Play at a Bernie Sanders Rally

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Last week, Grizzly Bear announced that they would be coming out of hibernation to release their first album since 2012’s superb Shields. While that was obviously very exciting news for fans of the band, it probably didn’t trump the chance to see them play live together for the first time in two years, which is what happened at Bernie Sanders’ rally yesterday in New York’s Prospect Park. John Kasich may have promised that he’ll get Pink Floyd back together, but so far, Bernie’s the only candidate to actually succeed in reuniting a band.

The vibe seems to have been pretty mellow at the reunion show, which featured Grizzly Bear playing old favorites like “Two Weeks,” “While You Wait For The Others” and “Knife.” On that last one, they replaced the title word with their favorite candidate’s name, singing, “Can’t you feel the Bern?” We would have expected a little more crowd reaction to this—from the Instagram video below, you can see the line doesn’t incite a big cheer or anything—but perhaps everyone was just mesmerized by the atmospheric harmonies.

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Grizzly Bear – "Two Weeks" at Bernie Sanders rally

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My favorite three-part harmony by Grizzly Bear and I am happy. #grizzlybear #feelthebern;;;;);;

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