HAIM Release New Single “Don’t Wanna”

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HAIM Release New Single “Don’t Wanna”

Happy Thursday! HAIM have released yet another rockin’ single, “Don’t Wanna,” off their upcoming album Women In Music Pt. III. Originally scheduled for release in April, but pushed back due to the coronavirus, Women In Music Pt. III will be released on June 26, “just in time for summer,” the group said on Twitter. Following the release of their single “I Know Alone” on April 29, “Don’t Wanna” is the sixth track the group has shared ahead of the album.

The track itself falls under no simple labels: a crisp and clean-cut drum track melds seamlessly with guitar, bass and vocals that could have been pulled straight from a Fleetwood Mac track. The lyrics also refuse to be compartmentalized, exploring the complex reality of romantic relationships that so often cannot be defined by simple categories. “I don’t wanna give up on you,” HAIM sings. “I don’t wanna have to / But we both have nights / Waking up in strangers’ beds…I don’t wanna give up yet.” Vulnerability that makes you want to dance: It doesn’t get much more HAIM than that.

“This song rolled off the tongue,” HAIM said of the song, “it’s sexy, flirty and hopeful.”

Sexy, flirty and hopeful: What better song for this moment than one that makes us feel things that we…well, most likely currently aren’t?

Listen to “Don’t Wanna” below. Revisit HAIM’s 2012 Daytrotter session further down.

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