Watch Halsey & Bernie Sanders Discuss Wealth Taxes in New Video Series

The pair kicked off their new series Bernie And Halsey Discuss America

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Watch Halsey & Bernie Sanders Discuss Wealth Taxes in New Video Series

In the first episode of their new video series Bernie And Halsey Discuss America, Halsey and Bernie Sanders discussed the concept of the wealth tax.

Filmed on Sept. 30, the pair virtually discussed the debate and their feelings towards it. In an attempt to educate young fans and new voters, their discussion highlighted the importance of the upcoming election and issues of finances when it comes to millions of citizens.

“Despite being in the 1%, I support the wealth tax because I believe the people who oppose it are motivated by greed,” Halsey said in the video. “I grew up in a lower class family. My parents dropped out of college to have me. My father is a person of color, my mother is white. We grew up in really, really underprivileged situations.”

Sanders and Halsey also discuss what exactly the wealth tax would look like in terms of the Biden administration and the importance of investing in better childcare.

“After I dropped out of the presidential race, I chatted with Biden and we agreed it would be a good idea for us to put together a series of task forces on some of the major issues facing the country: the economy, healthcare, climate change, criminal justice, immigration, education,” Sanders said.

Halsey shared the video on social media Sunday night and encouraged fans to register to vote after watching. Other upcoming video subjects include reproductive health, the Supreme Court and more. Their next video segment drops tomorrow.

Watch Halsey and Bernie Sanders break down the wealth tax in the first segment of Bernie And Halsey Discuss America below.

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