15 Best Musician Instagram Accounts of 2015

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Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but musicians are people just like us. They, too, use social media as a tool for indulgent self-promotion and/or making themselves (and their occasionally questionable life choices) look cool. Instagram is one of the best ways to do so, providing an almost-instantaneous snapshot behind the scenes of rock and roll mythology. We scoured the depths of IG to find the real OGs of this social media platform.

15. DJ Khaled (@DJKhaled)

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In case you missed it, the Miami-based rapper, producer, and DJ just got some love in The New York Times for his Snapchat savviness. However, DJ Khaled's Instagram game is also pretty strong. Much of his grammin' borrows from his Snapchat, but the rest ranges from self-promotional ads to funny illustrations to selfie videos with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift, and Santa.

14. King Tuff (@kingtuffy)

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King Tuff is Kyle Thomas' psych-rock and rock trio, and King Tuff's Instagram is Thomas' outlet for related ridiculousness. Thomas portrays himself as a smug Smurf in his profile picture, announcing to the world, “Me make picture.” Said pictures typically include shots of his bandmates Magic Jake and Old Gary (always denoted with the hashtag #garyisntoninstagram), trippy paintings, and a flawless recreation of the Buckingham Nicks album cover.

13. Leon Bridges (@leonbridgesofficial)

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R&B newcomer Leon Bridges' Instagram is as aesthetically pleasing as his retro sense of style. All of Bridges' photos are in black and white, many of which were taken by Bridges' friend and Fort Worth colleague, the photographer known as Rambo.

12. Best Coast (@best_coast)

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We've shown Bethany Cosentino some love for her grammin' before, and she's kept up her game since then. As one half of the Los Angeles indie pop band Best Coast, the band's Instagram has everything the modern hipster feminist needs—cat photos, mud masks, and Planned Parenthood endorsements.

11. The Lone Bellow (@thelonebellow)

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The Lone Bellow makes some of the most heartfelt music we've heard recently. The band's Instagram is equally gracious, covering joyful candids, endorsements of friends/fellow musicians, and stunning live shots.

10. Shakey Graves (@shakeygraves)

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Shakey Graves' Instagam is all encompassing. Some days Alejandro Rose-Garcia is a dude travelling the world with his music bros in all of its beer-chugging, neck pillow-wearing, dolphin-riding glory. At other times, though, Shakey shares some of the sentimentality of road life, like reunion selfies with pals in Lucius and old family photos on Mother's Day.

9. Kacey Musgraves (@spaceykacey)

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Everyone knows Kacey Musgraves has spunk. Her IG handle is even @spaceykacey! But her posts meld the stage persona—glitter, rhinestones, and fringe—with the IRL—smoothie recipes, memes, and Miss Universe mishap jokes.

8. Lucius (@ilovelucius)

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Especially with the announcement of their new record Good Grief, Lucius has stepped up its already strong IG game. They've started posting hints, teasers, and images in puzzle-like pieces in addition to Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe' twinning #ootd's.

7. Sleater-Kinney (@sleater_kinney)

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Sleater-Kinney's grand reunion was one of the biggest stories in music this year. The band only started its Instagram a little more than a year ago to tease No Cities To Love, but the riot grrrls caught on pretty quickly. The trio's feed is full of appropriately deferent #tbt's, tour updates, and promo for causes they care about.

6. Questlove (@questlove)

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It's generally accepted that Ahmir Khalib Thompson is one of the coolest dudes in the game right now. Questlove drums in The Roots, serves as Musical Director on The Tonight Night Show Starring Jimmy Fallow, and even co-produced with soundtrack to the new musical Hamilton with bandmate Black Thought. Each of these roles makes its way into Quest's IG, as well as the occasional essay and political thought.

5. Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco)

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This year was a tough one in terms of race relations and gun violence. As previously reported, rapper Lupe Fiasco took to his Instagram, of all places, to dismantle the concept of white supremacy after the tragic Charleston shooting. But in addition to using his platform for social commentary (see the seven-part essay on the police, too), Lupe's IG also includes inspirational quotes, motivational ramblings, playlists, and more.

4. Laura Jane Grace (@laurajanegrace)

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Since Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace came out at transgender in 2012, she has used her Instagram as a safe space for anyone who feels different. Her mostly black and white feed mostly highlights tour moments and tattoos, but her openness during her transition and acceptance of others is what makes her IG most impressive.

3. Yoko Ono (@yokoonoofficial)

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Yoko Ono's Instagram is one endless stream of positivity and peace. Lots of IG feeds pose at motivational messengers, but it doesn't get any better than coming from Yoko.

2. Killer Mike (@killermike)

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Killer Mike is a rapper with Run The Jewels, hip-hop icon, writer, public speaker, and political activist. His Instagram encompasses all of those identities without compromising any—a feat in itself.

1. Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)

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T Sizzle won Instagram this year in a sheer game of numbers with 60 million followers. But her greatest strength is perfectly capturing her mega pop star persona, while also maintaining her realness. Somehow, Tay Tay makes boyfriend piggyback rides with Calvin Harris, mid-air beach jumps with Haim, and Independence Day shenanigans with Ed Sheeran seem perfectly normal. And quite frankly, we just can’t keep from scrolling.