Islands: Vapours

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Islands: Vapours

Sounds like The Killers, but better

This whole album is good, just know that up front. You can do what the kids used to do—“buy” this music at a “record store”—and you will be happy. But let’s say you want to go track by track. First download “Disarming The Car Bomb,” a burbling rocker with an endlessly re-playable outro that sounds like Springsteen hooting over a battered barroom piano. Then go for the Auto-Tuned “Heartbeat” and the creamy tropical bliss of “On Foreigner.” And why stop there? You also need “No You Don’t,” which borrows its tasty keyboard lick from Cyndi Lauper’s “All Through The Night.” This song is about drugs, and it gets echoed a few tracks later in the howling refrain of “The Drums,” which might as well be called “The Drugs.” That’s how Vapours works: The songs don’t sound much alike, but they bleed into one another. They’re slippery, and over too fast, and they leave behind a trail of mist.

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