Watch the Surprisingly Poignant Video for "Paralyze" by Rising Canadian Indie-Rockers Jiants

Music Video Jiants
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Pool-hopping and other classic forms of summer fun receive a tribute in “Paralyze,” the new music video from Canadian indie-rock band Jiants.

Jiants’ bio describes their sound as “reflective of their shared admiration for the spectre of the ‘90s. Together [the three band members] have created an nostalgic feel you’ll remember from a time that maybe never was.”

Nostalgia is definitely a driving force behind the band’s new video, which depicts a budding summer romance. But the sentimentality isn’t overwhelming: the rugged feel of the music prevents that, as well as the surprise ending, which reminds us that—no matter how much we wistfully yearn for the past—things probably weren’t all that great then, either.

From where we’re sitting, Jiants are a band to watch. Their self-titled debut album came out on Aug. 12—check it out here. Watch “Paralyze” above.

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