jKETTLE - Momentary Delights

Soul Shard

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jKETTLE - Momentary Delights

Jeff Kettle’s résumé is a crazy quilt of musical experience—radio programmer, turntablist and band member (Menthol Hill, Suki Tawdry). With Momentary Delights, Kettle transforms into jKETTLE, self-professed aural chemist with a penchant for Serge Gainsbourg’s hyper-romantic orchestrations and a fascination for mix-mastering studio sounds to create an album of gauzy atmospherics. Kettle blends elements of pop melodicism, electronic manipulation and ambient-jazz melancholy into a sonic continuity that could be the soundtrack to a French film. From the ambient warmth of “We Will Never Speak” to the slinky soul of “Let’s Have a Tea,” jkettle proves himself to be a master of mood and machinery.

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