A “Substantial Lock of John Lennon’s Hair” is Up For Auction

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You can file this under “weird news of the day” if you’d like.

A chunk of John Lennon’s hair, which was cut 50 years ago, is now up for auction. The current bid is $12,000. Granted, we’re talking about one of the most famous and arguably one of the most brilliant musicians of the last 100 years, but this is still a bit of hair from a human’s head.

It’s not like John Lennon actively worked on growing out this lock. This isn’t something creative that Lennon put thought into. Auctioning off hair from a haircut is basically the equivalent of someone trying to sell a tissue that Marilyn Monroe used. It’s borderline disturbing.

The “substantial lock” of hair in question is from a haircut on the set of How I Won the War, a film in which the former Beatle appeared. It was 1966, and Lennon’s hair was quite shaggy. The film took place in 1940’s wartime, so he needed a bit of a trim.

Along with the lock of hair, whoever wins this bid will get a Lennon-autographed call sheet from that particular day of shooting, original newspaper clippings that include photos of the haircut taking place and a ton of paperwork that says that this is legitimately Lennon’s hair.

Next up for auction: a leftover coffee cup that has remnant’s of Amy Winehouse’s lipstick. Just kidding.

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