Daytrotter Session - Aug 31, 2012

Jonquil – Daytrotter Session – Aug 31, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. It’s My Part
  3. Mexico
  4. Point Of Go
  5. Run

With the onset of any season, it seems that Jonquil would translate as a nice sign, or as a wonderful accomplice. The music that singer/keyboardist Hugo Manuel, trumpet player/bassist Sam Scott, guitarist Robin McDiarmid, trumpet/sampler player Duncan Tootill and drummer Dominic Hand is a diorama that can be reconstituted for situations like a tree budding and spring picnics, when everyone’s just happy to finally be out of the house and with something other than a blanket of white snow covering the ground. They could sound ideal for a day that burns you to a crisp – that wishes you’d just whip off those clothes and take that plunge into the pool already. The water’s not getting any nicer. They are meant for a first snowfall and just as right for the dropping of leaves and for the passing of southern-bound geese overhead. It’s music that steadies itself on the feeling that everything and everyone is just as inconsequential as they are essential. It feels as if these are just the right gusts of spirit for the appropriate time, but give them twenty more minutes and we’d be different people, living in a different time, still hung up on what just passed through us, or what we liked about those sensations. Manuel sings, “Doesn’t matter what you said/I just know/It’s my part and I’ll play it how I want/I don’t care which way the world turns/See this light/I don’t know if it’s on/And it shines on me and it feels like the sun,” on “It’s My Part,” and it takes us right into an attractive oblivion.

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