Daily Dose: Jonti, “Zuki”

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Daily Dose: Jonti, “Zuki”

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The new album from Australian producer Jonti was a long time coming. He apparently took the better part of six years working and re-working, recording and re-recording to achieve a result that was satisfactory. And boy is it ever satisfactory. The album Tokorats, out now on Stones Throw, is a kaleidoscopic delight of hip-hop beats, entrancing pop hooks and various psychedelic explosions.

All of that is present in the video that Jonti is premiering with us today. The song itself is a squiggly little jam of spectral horn playing and a forward-facing, flexible bass work, but the visuals cooked up for it take it in a whole different direction. It’s a bewildering mix of hallucinatory imagery: floating brains, a slow dance with a ghost, a dance party and pictures that seem to melt before you. Your best bet is to just turn off your mind, relax and float along with it.

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