Daytrotter Session - Nov 6, 2012

Kassidy – Daytrotter Session – Nov 6, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Home
  3. One Man Army
  4. A Capella
  5. Ocean

It’s the stuff that can’t be said and it’s all the stuff that can’t be thrown into a bag or a box that the band Kassidy wrestles with. It sleeps with it and rolls with it. It gets preoccupied with the entrapments of the grind. It’s that luckiest piece of luck that we’re all stuck with a heart that’s going to keep on stubbornly beating until something gets in its way. It’s one of those simple facts that should always stop us cold in our tracks – all of this involuntary activity that goes on within us without there being any choice in the matter. The heart thumps, whether we’re listening or not, whether we appreciate it or not. The lungs fill and deflate continuously, even when we’re sleeping, even when we’re shut off, not thinking about it at all.

It’s kind of amazing, but this always-lit-up, always-keyed-up state can be debilitating, if you let it get there – if you let yourself get overcome by the immensity of the endeavor. You can become submerged in thoughts of your puniness, in the ease at which all that’s taken for granted could all be snuffed out and thrown into a hole in the ground. You must tame these horrifying thoughts of mortality and just keep on pretending like you might actually be that first person who is immortal. You try to get by with these ideas of making the most of what time you have and still, it all feels like the rug’s going to be pulled out from beneath you.

Somewhere along the line though, as the men in Kassidy do with such proven soulfulness, you abandon these rather natural inklings and just get on with it, with letting everything take care of itself. Lead singer Barrie-James O’Neill sings, “I’ve got a little bit of loving my heart/Got a little bit of loving in my soul that will get me far/Got a little bit of living in my life/Got a little bit of nothing on my mind that I can find.” It’s sweet, sweet oblivion that still maintains a token amount of awareness that all could go wrong, or to plan if you want to think like a cynic, in a second. O’Neill goes on later to sing, “This life is an ocean/One day I’ll forget/This life is an ocean and there’s nothing I’ll regret.” It’s the feeling that they wind into each and every one of their beautiful, steaming melodies.

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