The First Mac Sabbath Music Video is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Music Video Mac Sabbath
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Mac Sabbath, the crazy fast-food-themed Black Sabbath cover band, have released their very first music video, and it is absolutely pure nightmare fuel. The video for “Pair-A-Buns,” their single released earlier this year, is an unhinged, fast-food mascot bloodbath. And it’s fantastic.

Starring Mac Sabbath members Ronald Osbourne, Slayer MacCheeze, Catburglar and Grimalice as they stomp menacingly around the parking lot, the music video is intercut with claymation sequences wherein Colonel Sanders, Jack in the Box, the Burger King, that weird star from Hardee’s and a girl we can only assume to be Wendy from Wendy’s are murdering each other left and right. It’s horrific and lots of fun, and filled with lyrics about the pitfalls of fast food. Yikes.

You can watch the video embedded above, and order a Mac Sabbath coloring book here. You can also take look inside the book and experience the insanity in the video below.

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