Maserati: Rehumanizer

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Maserati: Rehumanizer

Maserati has existed in the peripheral since forming 15 years ago. Even as the Athens, Georgia band’s sound morphed it always seemed to be pushing against the current musical climes.

Not much has changed on Maserati’s latest. Rehumanizer brings the band’s best qualities into one concise package, while continuing on their space rock continuum. Although there are a few prog-rock detours, these six songs remain taut and driving, maximizing a live, in-the-pocket rhythm section, chiming guitars and an arsenal of swarming synthesizers.

Ten-minute opener “No Cave” provides plenty of interplanetary ear candy, and the members know how to use space (and space) effectively. Synths drop out, leaving fuzzed-up bass lines, before guitars dart into the picture. It’s gorgeous and headphones-worthy. And the opening bass run on “Living Cell” will hook its way into your gray matter, and remains the backbone of the song as guitars mist in the background.

The entire record—especially “Rehumanizer I” and “Rehumanizer II”—plays out like a cohesive piece. Many have pointed to the music of John Carpenter as a point of reference, and they wouldn’t be far off. Maserati have made a space rock record that’s both challenging and accessible, and their sound is completely dialed in. And while that’s definitely boosted the band’s profile somewhat, don’t expect Maserati to come crashing to Earth any time soon.

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